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Great Marketing isn’t enough.

In order to thrive in a vertical market it is essential that you not only understand that business and its ecosystem – but truly understand how you differentiate your experience from your competitors in order to achieve long term success and marketplace domination.

Building assets and experiences that create a positive ROI is not enough. How do you translate the values that your company has and your intention to be the best company in your market to consumers – immediately?

Put another way, is there a path to making this quarter’s numbers – while also building into the future?

Vertical Insight is a collective of entrepreneurs that have founded multiple category defining companies and consumer experiences. Companies that not only found commercial and financial success, but that were built and scaled in a way that made them even more valuable for the larger corporations that acquired them.

Solutions that provide insight into the consumer, the ecosystem and the best path forward. That is, Vertical Insight.

Vertical Insight Executive Team

Sean Sullivan
James Beams
Peter Foley
Scott Hengst
VP Sales